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Camp 9 Fitness Boot Camp offers a fun, energetic workout experience tailored to fit any budget. By combining military calisthenics, core conditioning and an up-tempo pace, Camp 9 Fitness has developed an exciting, effective and appropriately challenging workout for both men and women. Camp 9 Fitness programs are built around these three training tools: Resistance, Cardio, and Stability.

Strengththe act or power of resisting, opposing, or withstanding weight.
Heart RateRaising the heart rate while performing an aerobic act.
Core ConditioningThe state or quality of being stable. Firmness in position.

Are Camp 9 Fitness Boot Camps for me?
Absolutely! Our goal is to BURN BODY FAT AND LOSE THE INCHES! When you train with Camp 9 Fitness you will working out with people who are able to motivate and challenge each other to reach their individual goals. We will enable you to track your progress with pre-term, mid-term, and post-term assessments to help you meet those goals.

What is Involved?
Each Camp 9 Fitness “Fit Camp” runs for 4 weeks. There is a dynamic warm up that is followed by a stretching routine. Next, you will have a 4 to 6 station circuit training program, and the Cool Down Jam Session, where motivational quotes and thoughts are spoken by the clients. There are two to three sessions a week, along with a meal plan and home work to give you your best results. We find our clients benefit most within a 4 week period.

Personal Fitness Training program.
Want more out of your workout? Let Camp 9 Fitness create a program that fits your fitness goals. These are private sessions in which you determine where, when, and time you want to train. Achieve your fitness goals on your time! Camp 9 Fitness can help you define specific and realistic goals, then develop a program that includes and promotes fat loss, muscle toning, nutritional coaching, increased energy, increased strength, cardiovascular training, stress management, and flexibility. Programs are modified regularly to ensure results and to challenge your body. Most goals can be reached in 3 months of exercising just 3-6 hours every week. Not only are our programs one on one but can be one on two or one on three to fit your budget.

Who we are

Camp 9 Fitness is a full-service fitness and sports training company. Founded by Marlon Moye-Moore, Camp 9 Fitness provides professional quality training, delivered by professional athletes and designed to fit any budget.

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