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Over the next 3 weeks I have four women ready to make a change.  Follow them on their journey as they share their transformation stories, as they happen! Follow us on facebook and twitter for real life experiences, tips on how to be on top of your game, and watch Camp 9 Fitness make a difference in their lives.  Looking to make a change too? Contact us for more details on our training programs.



Current Fitness Level: Ready to get back on track.
Biggest Challenge:  Finding the time between work and school
Biggest Weakness:  Chocolate
Goal:  To tone up and challenge myself to find a balance.



Current Fitness Level:  I was at the top of my game, but that was too long ago.  I’m back to square one.
Biggest Challenge:  Finding the time to squeeze it in.
Biggest Weakness:  Late night and 3:00pm snacking.  Eating out.
Goal:  “To be able to eat a blueberry muffin and not resemble it.”



Current Fitness Level: I used to work out very regularly.. cardio, strength, stretch.. but I haven’t in a long time.
Biggest Challenge: I don’t have a lot of endurance; and now having not worked out after having been a regular exerciser I feel weaker.
Biggest Weakness: I love sweets and carbs! Portion control is a big problem for me.
Goal: I want to build my stamina back up, and get toned and ready for summer!



Current Fitness Level: Worked out regularly, but lost motivation over the holidays. Just now starting to get back into it.
Biggest Weakness: Snacking while watching TV!
Goal: Get back into a regular exercise plan so that I am fit and healthy.

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Camp 9 Fitness is a full-service fitness and sports training company. Founded by Marlon Moye-Moore, Camp 9 Fitness provides professional quality training, delivered by professional athletes and designed to fit any budget.

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  • ~ Brenda I. (Lake Mary)

    "My family has known Marlon Moye-Moore on a personal and professional level for many years.  He has continuously been involved in both of our boys football seasons and has trained our oldest son during the off season in years past.  Marlon is a dedicated, honest, positive and spiritual individual that excels in everything he does and his persona is one that is of great leadership.  I highly recommend Marlon as a mentor for any child as he will not just instruct them on the fundamentals of core training and/or in football, but will also create for them a positive atmosphere wherein they'll learn respect not just for themselves, but for everyone they should come in contact with in their later years of life.  He is a tremendous person and is truly one that my family is blessed to have in our"

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