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Marlon Moye-MooreMarlon Moye-Moore is the owner and lead trainer at Camp 9 Fitness. He is extremely passionate about personal training,¬† and enjoys helping people meet their fitness goals. In looking for new opportunities and better ways to serve his clients, he recently teamed up with the Orlando County Public School system on a mentor program “Making Better Men through Football.”

In 2006 Marlon became a nationally certified personal trainer through Body Tech Fitness Association (BFTA) and began training at Pro Fitness and Journey Fitness in the Orlando area. He gained invaluable experience working with seasoned trainers on complex cases. In 2007, Marlon decided to start his own personal training business in response to the client base he had built and the demand for experienced trainers.

Training Style
It’s Marlon’s training style that sets him apart from the others. The simple philosophy is that core functional training is the key. Marlon has developed a formula that trainers and commercial gyms have tried to explain through the years: Strength + Heart Rate + Core Conditioning = Fat Loss.

Fat Loss, athletic training, speed and agility training

Who we are

Camp 9 Fitness is a full-service fitness and sports training company. Founded by Marlon Moye-Moore, Camp 9 Fitness provides professional quality training, delivered by professional athletes and designed to fit any budget.

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  • ~ Amy N. (Lake Mary)

    "My son has learned so much from Marlon's football camps and sports training. The one-on-one training has helped him become a better player and prepared him for his high school career!"

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